WeGroup secures the future - the growth story of a digital pioneer in a conservative

WeGroup is a tool for insurance brokers to accelerate their sales. Implementing such an advanced digital service in a relatively old-fashioned and heavily regulated sector is quite a challenge, as Arvid De Coster, one of the three founders, has discovered. We spoke with him about their growth trajectory, the associated pain points and where he finds solace. 

To build a proper business foundation, CEO Arvid De Coster decided to join Bryo by Voka. During the program, he realized that other startups encounter similar growing pains. Sharing their troubles and hearing the experiences of other entrepreneurs (which they still do today), is the biggest added value.

Sometimes you feel like everything is holding you back. It can help tremendously to hear then that you are not the only one who is facing a certain problem. - Arvid De Coster, CEO WeGroup

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