Boost your deal flow in 2021

The Big Score is focused on squeezing time and accelerating interaction between three essential tech branches: high growth data tech solutions, international venture capital and corporate innovation sourcing.

Super Prospect Challenges
European Scale-up Pitches
One-on-One Meetings
“I was really impressed. All the key players in the ecosystem were there. The organization was spotless, very impressive!”
Andrei Brasoveanu
Partner Accel
“The Big Score delivers. There’s a great synergy between the challenge we pitched, and the solutions that start- and scaleups offer." 
Jef Bussens
Strategy Manager Digital Office
"Meaningfull & very well curated" 
Lilian Li,
“A highly qualitative event with the right number of people in a beautiful place.”
Juliette Malherbe
Innovation Manager

What's in it for you

Whether it’s funding or business development;
The Big Score guarantees a qualitative group of impactful scale-ups, deep pocket investors & corporate innovators.
FOR Investors & Corporates

A 100% VC-curated lineup of 50 high-growth startups and scale-ups all looking into growth stage financing

Preschedule dozens of 1-on-1’s with impactful B2B startups & scale-ups to tackle your challenges or discuss funding

Get acquaintance and all relevant business information of all attending or selected startups

Meet corporate CIOs and CTOs as potential customers for your portfolio companies or to discuss corporate ventures

Broaden your tech network with international VCs & promising founders from all over Europe