inDeap thinks in solutions: "Prioritizing accelerates your growth"

Karen Debruyne, general manager of inDeap, has been active in database publishing for about ten years, and started her own business in 2018. There are a lot of (international) opportunities, but growing pains are a reality.

Automation in database publishing holds a lot of potential, as Karen Debruyne knows. To support the international expansion of the company, she joined Bryo Scaleup as well as Mercurio Beyond Borders by Voka.

She learned that setting priorities straight creates space for developing new ideas. Equipped with that mindset and eye opening information from the Mercurio-sessions, she now prepares herself to dive into the US market.

"I want to make myself replaceable, so that I can invest in the growth of the company." - Karen Debruyne, general manager InDeap

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