Work As You Are, that’s the philosophy that MeetDistrict launched into the world about ten years ago. Their story made a head start in the Ghelamco Arena in Ghent, and over the years has spread out to Berchem, Brussels, andDiegem too. MeetDistrict offers high quality serviced work, meet and event spaces where customers simply need to plug and play to start off their workday.All of this in an inspiring environment with a strong emphasis on a warm and personal approach, supported by MeetDistrict's technological flagship: theMeetDistrict app connected to a smart infrastructure.


Thanks to this technology MeetDistrict has the ideal tool in hands to ensure efficient use of its facilities.


Customers of MeetDistrict enter a Community of MeetDistrict Members which spans out across 4 locations. Together, more than already 1,950 Members make use of about 30,000 m². Not to mention the external customers who are more than welcome as well to use the available meet and event spaces. A quick glimpse at these numbers proves that digital support is essential to provide an optimal service. Introducing the MeetDistrict application which all Members use to independently book available meeting rooms, control the temperature, gain access to the parking facilities, offices and other shared workspaces, and more. The app even helps you to order your coffee!


All this to relieve Team MeetDistrict and improve the customers’ user experience, as well as to optimise cost allocation. Everything logged in the app is linked to a specific person who works for a particular company and who takes actions in a specific space. Generated costs are automatically categorised under the invoicing system linked to the app, providing a clear overview of someone's financial presence in MeetDistrict at all times.


Never waste a good crisis! The energy crisis that followed the COVID crisis turned out to be the magical push needed to further refine this technology and to keep a close eye on energy savings too.


The COVID crisis forced MeetDistrict to significantly increase ventilation, which simultaneously increased the bills as well. When the energy crisis followed shortly after, MeetDistrict demonstrated the tremendous asset of their digitised infrastructure’s measure-to-know technology. For example, if no movement is detected in an office or if the time slot for a booked meeting room has expired, the lights go out. By categorising all different spaces as separate controllable units, MeetDistrict was able to save up to 50% in energy and about 60% in CO² emissions. This translates to an astonishing amount of about €2,000 per year per unit of about 50 m².


Next to this very nice financial aspect, the best part of this story is that MeetDistrict’s approach aligns with the EU’s climate expectations. Every location was obviously already accommodated in BREAAM-certified buildings that met all possible required energy regulations, but with the optimisation of its smart infrastructure, accurate reporting on actual energy consumption became possible too. Energy monitoring across all MeetDistrict locations now enables easy reporting on ESG and CSRD, which has contributed to MeetDistrict being the proud holder of the ISO 50001 quality label, among other achievements.


In conclusion: a highly technological work environment. But far from clinical!


First and foremost, MeetDistrict lives up to its name and aims to create environments where valuable physical meetings thrive. While these environments are supported by a technological infrastructure, the latter never takes the forefront and blends in seamlessly with the cosy yet corporate interior of allMeetDistrict locations. The all-round wow factor and optimal layout of the available space which is equipped with various smart and efficient features, ensure that Members don't regard their workplace as somewhere they have to be, but as somewhere they have the luxury of going to instead. It's an environment where you're inspired by just walking down the halls and picking up on the 360° business activity.


All this in mind: MeetDistrict's greatest asset remains its Community.Chanting along to the ‘Work As You Are’ motto from the numerous private offices, co working spaces, meeting rooms, event spaces and other communal areas. A Community composed of bright minds from various industries that creates a colourful and diverse work environment, packed with interesting and serendipitous connections lurking around every beautiful corner.

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