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The Big Score is focused on squeezing time and accelerating interaction between three essential tech branches: high growth data tech solutions, international venture capital and corporate innovation sourcing.With live pitches of European innovative startups in front of international VCs and corporates, The Big Score aims to match and facilitate new deals. Our guests can pre-schedule meetings and can address attendees directly in case of completed meeting schedules. Thanks to our invitation only policy and premium environment we offer two full days of SCORING BIG!

European Scale-up Pitches

One-on-One Meetings

Who will you meet
at The Big Score?

startups & Scaleups
"The Big Score is an event you do not afford to miss especially if you are fundraising or looking for partnerships to expand your business. In these three days, we had some very interesting talks with VCs, corporates, and potential partners."
- Noman Ahmed, Founder & CEO
“Very well organized and tailored to be productive for investors”
- Vincent Gregoir, Inven Capital
“They do everything so that both entrepreneurs and VCs make the most out of their 2 days!”
- Chloé Giard, Idinvest
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