Session 5


Thursday September 14 • 09.00 – 13.45 • PwC Brussels - Culliganlaan 5, 1831 Diegem

Our fifth session focuses on Energy.
The 2021 UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) confirmed the ambitions which are particularly relevant for energy and climate tech. Experts state that existing technologies can help us to reduce up to 65% of emissions needed to reach net zero by 2050. The remaining 35% reduction will require new innovative breakthroughs.

With an investment opportunity between $100 trillion and $150 trillion over the next 30 years, our climate challenge provides opportunities for enormous growth and inevitable technology leaps, if we want to achieve the objective of the Paris Agreement to limit global temperature increases to 1.5 degrees. All pitching startups in this session present innovative solutions to tackle the upcoming Energy transition.


Challenge #1


  • Solutions,technologies, propositions, in kitchen, laundry, bathroom or in another areabut with reapplication potential in these:
  • • helping consumers to reduce energy and water consumption during tasks.
  • • leveraging connectivity/ AI / smart signaling to nudge consumers towards more sustainable consumption habits
  • • enabling circularity in consumable /packaging

Challenge #2


  • More info soon!

About our Session Partner EIT InnoEnergy

EIT InnoEnergy was established in 2010 and issupported by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), an independent EU body set up in 2008 to driveinnovation and entrepreneurship across Europe. Since its inception, EITInnoEnergy has screened more than 7,000 start-ups, launched more than 300products to market and overseen its portfolio companies filing 290+ patents.Today, EIT InnoEnergy has a 200+ strong team with offices across Europe and inBoston, US.
innovations supported
master school

Energy Expert Panel

The Smart Products panel will feature experts of leading companies

Ramses Villa

Investment Manager Benelux region - EITInnoEnergy

Ramses Villa has anindustrial engineering degree and an MBA from ESADE Business School. He iscurrently working as an Investment Manager at EIT InnoEnergy, an early stageinvestor supporting sustainable energy innovations with the goal to acceleratethe energy transition. He has an international finance career in venturecapital and industry, working in clean tech and sustainability field.

Philip Lenders

Partner Management Consulting - PwC

Philip Lenders is a Management Consulting Director within PwC Belgium, advising clients in the Energy, Utilities & Resources industries. He is passionate about the energy transition, and particularly about helping the European Industry lead the world in this space. Optimistic about the future, Philip is convinced that with the right recipe - combining business insights, technology advancement and putting people at the heart - a truly sustainable transformation of the industry will succeed.

Anneleen Vander Elstraete

Managing Partner - Four & Five

As managing partner of Four & Five, Anneleen Vander Elstraeten adheres to the idea that lawyers shouldn’t operate from their ivory towers, but rather in close cooperation with their clients. In addition to her function as managing partner, Anneleen leads the technology team. Together with her team she advises start-ups, scale-ups and listed companies on a variety of matters.

Frederik Loeckx

Managing Director - Flux50

Frederik Loeckx graduated in 1996 as electrical engineer at the University of Leuven. In 2001, he also obtained a Master in Business Administration from the Vlerick Leuven Ghent Management School. Between 2002 and 2006, he worked as advisor on innovation strategy and innovation projects at the Flemish government. In 2006, Frederik Loeckx founded Triphase, a spin-off of the university of Leuven, operating internationally with research systems for smart energy systems and grew the company to 16 people on its own accounts. At present, Frederik manages Flux50, the spearhead cluster for Energy in Flanders.


Welcome & Breakfast
Kick-Off Talk
Pitching Round #1 - 4 Startup Pitches + Q&A
Break & One-on-ones
Pitching Round #2 - 4 Startup Pitches + Q&A
Lunch Break & One-on-ones
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Session 6

Clean Tech

Thursday September 14 • 13.45 – 18.30 • PwC Brussels - Culliganlaan 5, 1831 Diegem

Our sixth session focuses on Cleantech.
The Cleantech industry has been known worldwide as a vibrant source of new ideas aimed at solving many of these urgent environmental issues. And this innovation has not gone unnoticed, with many international investors contributing to an unprecedented bout of rapid growth in the local cleantech industry. New startups are created almost on a daily basis in fields like renewable energy, water technology, oil substitutes, energy efficiency and more. However, the local cleantech industry faces some specific challenges relating to the regulatory environment and the need for business cooperation and for tailored financing resources.

Challenge #1

Looking for startups active in the fermentation space

  • Looking for alternative carbon or nitrogen sources to fuel the fermentation process
  • Bringing solutions to improve the functionality or nutritional profile of brewing coproducts through fermentation
  • Other ideas marrying brewing coproducts and fermentation!

Challenge #2


  • solid state - producing mycelium
  • liquid state, improving functionality or changing the nutritional profile or taste

About our Session Partner PwC

With a focus on supporting clients and making positive contributions tosociety, our people bring with them a wide variety of skills and experiences tohelp assure our relevance going forward and make a real difference in theworld. The PwC Next Level team supports today's startups to become the leadingcompanies of tomorrow while guiding corporates in their Corporate Venturingjourney. Scaleup your business.

Clean Tech Expert Panel

The Bioprocesses panel will feature experts of leading companies

Akanksha Tyagi

Senior Manager Management Consulting - PwC

Akanksha Tyagi is a Certified Lean Master, Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt and Innovation Deployment Expert. Her professional mission is to design and implement world class sustainable and successful processes and strategies, be it in the field of manufacturing, logistics, supply chain or any other operational field. Akanksha believes in the power of technology, data and innovation but most importantly - people – who are at the heart of everything. She is passionate about the environment, wildlife and believes that we all should do more to protect the planet and save the environment.

Stan Jeanty

Investment Associate - Volta Ventures

Stan Jeanty joined Volta Ventures in 2022 as an associate after founding, a mobility start-up focusing on ridesharing. He holds a Master's degree in Applied Economics from Ghent University and a Postgraduate degree in Big Data & Analytics from KU Leuven. Stan unwinds by cycling, running and kitesurfing.

Roel van Diepen

Investment Manager Benelux region - EITInnoEnergy

Roel van Diepen spent 15 years in international investment banking, financial- and capital markets at ING Bank in Amsterdam, New York, and London. He was co-founder of a successful medical devices company, acting as CFO and Head of BD. At InnoEnergy he is combining his finance- and entrepreneurial experience to support start-ups in sustainable energy via a combination of cash investments and services provided through InnoEnergy’s pan-European innovation engine and ecosystem. Roel also has angel investing and VC fund (LP) experience.

Céline van Aalst

Managing Associate - Four & Five

As an expert in corporate law, Céline guides companies in structuring their business to protect their rights and create future-proof companies.Céline has a track record in advising clean tech companies. Whether they are general terms and conditions or a highly complex commercial contract, well-drafted business and corporate agreements are key to avoiding time-consuming legal disputes and attracting investors.  


Kick-Off Talk
Pitching Round #3 - 4 Startup Pitches + Q&A
Break & One-on-ones
Pitching Round #4 - 4 Startup Pitches + Q&A
Final One-on-ones
Informal Drinks
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Session 7

Orange Ventures invites
PRESENTED BY Orange Ventures

Monday October 16 • 12.00 – 19.00 • Orange Belgium - Av. du Bourget 3, 1140 Evere

Orange Ventures hosts the 7th and final session of this season.

Orange Ventures is a force in the startup ecosystem. The 7th Big Score Session aims to catalyze innovation by extending support to eight promising startups across a diverse array of verticals.
The chosen startups span a wide spectrum of sectors, including Networks and IT, Digital Enterprise, Cybersecurity, FinTech, Data AI, E-health, Content, Gaming, VR, B2C and Marketplace, Inclusion, Climate, CareTech, and Circular Economy.

The Session features two pitching sessions where these entrepreneurs present their groundbreaking ideas to an audience of investors, corporartes and peers. A panel of experts provides invaluable real-time feedback from industry leaders. Moreover, The Big Score Sessions facilitate networking opportunities with peers and potential investors, further enhancing the startups' chances of success.

The Big Score sessions aim to create an atmosphere of collaboration and support. To support the selected startups in their quest for resources and guidance, necessary to navigate the challenging startup landscape.


Challenge #1


  • Solutions,technologies, propositions, in kitchen, laundry, bathroom or in another areabut with reapplication potential in these:
  • • helping consumers to reduce energy and water consumption during tasks.
  • • leveraging connectivity/ AI / smart signaling to nudge consumers towards more sustainable consumption habits
  • • enabling circularity in consumable /packaging

Challenge #2


  • More info soon!

About our Session Partner Orange Ventures

With a 350 million euros allocation, Orange Ventures is dedicated to investments in innovative startups in areas of strategic interest of Orange (Networks & IT, Digital Enterprise, Cybersecurity, and Fintech) and beyond
(Consumer platforms, E -gaming, Edtech, Health etc). Orange Ventures also deploys initiatives dedicated to the Africa and Middle East region.
Supported by the Orange group, and made up of a team of 20 people, Orange Ventures offers startups in which it invests access to the Group's expertise and the possibility of setting up synergies with its many business units and its 256 million
customers in 26 countries.

Expert Panel

The Smart Products panel will feature experts of leading companies

Rémi Prunier

Investment Principal - Orange Ventures

Rémi Prunier is Investment Principal at Orange Ventures, in charge of the Belgian Ecosystem. With a strong B2B business and leadership background, Rémi is passionate about the society's evolutions generated by digital technology and innovation. He has also developed solid sector knowledge in the fields of enterprise software, Data AI and cybersecurity.

Thomas Pav

Junior Investment Partner - Scale Fund BeAngels

Thomas worked in strategy consulting firms from 2015 to 2020 and then was COO for a Belgian solar & microfinance company active in the Sub-Saharan region. There he helped the company structure its processes and scale it from 4 employees to 35. Throughout 2017 to now he's also raised funds for startups on a freelance basis, here he worked on refining their strategy, mission and business model and documenting it (deck & teaser) so that he could raise funds with them/for them effectively. Since this year Thomas has joined ScaleFund III, a VC firm currently raising funds itself.

Mathieu de la Rochefoucauld

Managing Partner - Orange Ventures

With 20 years of experience in Private Equity and Venture Capital.He has made his career in various capital investment funds (SG Asset Management, Supernova Invest), working primarily with digital innovation companies,  at various stages of maturity from Seed to capital development.Prior to joining Orange Ventures, Mathieu held a position of Associate Director at Amundi Private Equity Funds.

Niels Van Driessche

VC investor - Fortino Capital

With his roots in Strategy and M&A at Monitor Deloitte, Niels offers a unique blend of broad insight and precise expertise about a company's inner workings. His journey through a variety of B2B sectors, especially Tech, has deepened his proficiency in commercial strategy, M&A, and advanced analytics. Niels stays updated with the rapid progression of technology by applying AI in his own profession as a VC investor at Fortino. If you're exploring the role of Generative AI for your business, Niels is always open for a thoughtful discussion.


Kick-Off Talk
Lunch Break
Pitching Round #1 - 4 Startup Pitches + Q&A
Pitching Round #2 - 4 Startup Pitches + Q&A
One-on-ones + informal drinks & bites