Congratulations, you are officially selected as one of the startups to pitch at TBS Sessions 2022. | allows you to present your solution and ambitions to deep pocket investors and corporate prospects. In addition, you will be able to preschedule dozens of one-on-ones with this qualitative group. Get ready to score BIG!

The session will be hosted as a hybrid event where the pitching startups (CEOs, founders or co-founders) and a diverse expert panel will be present at location. The audience of investors, corporates, industry leaders, other startups, … will be able to attend onsite or tune in to the live stream.

We want to reduce email communications; this portal enables you to share with us:

  • 1 Your contact details & practical information  
  • 2 Company profile  
  • 3 Pitch deck
  • 4 Tickets

Please make sure to provide final and double-checked information by February 21, the very latest(!). Remember this is essential info for the session program, networking tool and so on.  

In case of technical issues and questions please contact Amaury Casteleyn.  

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