OCT 11
Antwerp Expo

The Space Session is an extension of The Big Score Sessions, a series of matchmaking (hybrid) events between venture capital or tech sourcing corporates and startups, offering startups the opportunity to pitch their propositions and receive live business feedback from an expert panel

Accelerate your business in 8 minutes

1 sessions covering 3 verticals
12 pitching Startups/Scale-Ups
3 keynotes speakers

We organize 1 day sessions about Climate, Connectivity & Space Tech. The venue of these events will be XPO SPA©E – The Human Quest in Antwerp.
Twelve promising tech startups developing tomorrow's tools, products, or services get the chance to pitch their solution live on stage. Every pitch receives business feedback from an expert panel of industry experts, investors, and corporate partners.
Each session is powered by corporate leaders ready to discover new solutions to tackle an innovation challenge or particular need.

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Space has a vital role in climate analysis as it is the only observatory from where we can predict earth’s climate response to human-induced change. In this new era of space-based technologies, remotely sensed data allow us to keep a close watch on the current and future impact from greenhouse gases  and aerosols and their impact on water cycles, air quality, forests and other aspects of our environment.


The launch sector is on fire. Large amounts of capital are being pumped in as the increased commercial interest in space is resulting with more satellites entering orbit each year. Experts estimate that nearly 1.000 satellites will be launched into orbit each year during the 2020s, building up to 15.000 satellites by 2028. This will allow access to more data than ever before.


Space has predominantly been government domain. In the 50s, space became another dramatic arena for show-down between the two Cold War adversaries, the Soviet Union and the United States, to achieve superior spaceflight and as each government wanted to show its muscles with superiority of air and space technology and thus its military firepower. Decades later, in 2022, a revival of space optimism is back.


About Space - The Human Quest

SPACE – The Human Quest is a unique exhibition for all ages that takes you into the adventurous world of space travel. From the first human in space to future missions to Mars. Experience the space travel of the past, the present and the future.

Exclusive Business EventsOrganize your corporate event in SPA©E. An event space in the middle of the expo, with a view of the 'moon'. Includes a guided tour of the expo.Seize the opportunity to experience SPA©E privatized for your corporate event and enjoy a day or night at the museum to the fullest!

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