OCT 11
Antwerp Expo

In 2022, a revival of space optimism is back. Novel technologies are spurred by commercial innovation & private initiatives. Reduced costs, advanced technologies and materials have turned space into an economical hotspot for entrepreneurial spirits, becoming even more accessible to diverse industries and even...citizens.

Following our Space Expo: The Human Quest.
We will host 2 extra The Big Score Sessions. For both these sessions Space Technology will be the silver lining. And what better location to host both of these event then our own Space Expo ? ➡️

Space tech allows a new generation of geospatial data & insights. Earth observation 2.0 has arrived. Geospatial intelligence has become not only important to international security, but has shifted to essential industries such as agriculture, urban planning, logistics, cleantech and real estate.

JUN 22
Antwerp Expo

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