Get ready to score BIG in 2021!

Here you can find the timetables of day 1, 2 & 3.  

All European scale-up pitches will be presented on day 1 (Nov 30) and day 2 (Dec 1), LIVE in MeetDistrict, Ghent. In between the pitches you will have 7 one-on-one meetings slots of 15 minutes per day throughout the program.  

The ‘Super Prospect’ corporate challenges will take place on day 3 (Dec 2), LIVE in MeetDistrict, Ghent AND will also be live streamed to remote attendees. On the last day of The Big Score you will have 9 one-on-one meeting slots of minutes throughout the day.  

Note: ticketholders will be notified in advance with detailed challenge and pitch schedules via mail. Don't forget to check your SPAM folder.  

What about networking?  

As from November 9 ticketholders will be able to register on The Big Score networking tool – Conversation Starter to create their networking profile. When creating your profile you will be asked if you will attend live or remote on day 3 (Dec 2) of The Big Score. Make sure you choose the right options as this will be important for a smooth networking experience. All attended (live or remote) will be able to connect: (1) on site if both parties attend live or (2) via video call if one or both parties attend remote.

A week in advance we will open the platform for you to start browsing participants and to preschedule meetings, depending on your ticket type. You will be notified via e-mail when this happens. Please be selective! Your time is precious, don’t hesitate to ignore some of the requests and focus and what you are really looking for.

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