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The Big Score Sessions are back to accelerate your business in 8 minutes! 🤩 Again 8 Sessions, 8 verticals but this time all in 4 days. Each day combines 2 related verticals, that means a bigger pool of corporates, VCs, investors, industry experts and startups all in one place!

The goal? Boosting your startup by meeting the right people. 🚀 Every TBS Session gives the opportunity to 8 startups to pitch their tech solution live on stage, and to receive valuable business feedback and questions from the on-site expert panel of VCs, industry experts and advisors! 🦾

In addition, plenty of networking slots can be filled with one-on-one’s throughout the day and each day ends with a fun afterwork to mingle some more.

❓ Want to put your startup in the spotlights? Looking to meet potential investors and business opportunities?

Apply now to pitch at TBS Sessions! Get ready to score BIG in 2022! 📣  Call closes on December 5th.


Option 2

The Big Score Sessions are back for another round of scoring deals! Want to explore funding and business opportunities? 🦾  Apply to pitch and accelerate your business in 2022! Call closes on Dec 5.

👉📣  Open call for startups in Digital Health & Wellbeing, HRTech & EdTech, Mobility & and PropTech + Energy and Manufacturing & Sustainability 🚀

Option 3

🚀 A new season of The Big Score Sessions is just around the corner!  

8 Sessions, all focussing on different tech verticals, featuring industry specific investors, corporates, though leaders, and a curated line-up of pitching startups!  

❓ Want to pitch your solution live on stage? Apply now to pitch in 2022 and get to meet potential investors, clients, partners, …

👉 ! Call closes Dec 5!  

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